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If you came across this blog by accident please give me a moment to tell you what it is all about:

Sean has an incredible story to tell as a mere 6 year old street waif child that became a member of a notorious gang.  This is a story about his life in the gang and beyond.

It is our desire to make a film of Sean’s life story.  This is where YOU can help us:  Head on over to read more about it and join our endeavor.

Each month you will receive a “chapter” out of Sean’s life story.  These “chapters” will become the film script of his amazing story.  Some incidents/chapters will be literally ever so sad, heart stopping, incredulous, scary and, in the midst of chaos, there will be times that you can’t help but laugh!

Shortly after the receipt of each chapter (approximately two weeks) you will receive a “food for thought” article on this blog site that will relate to the chapter that you just received.

It is our desire, and vision, that our members will become active participants sharing (your) thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions on this “food for thought” blog site:

Our goal is to produce a film that not only “you” would be eager to see but also one that parents would be able to take their children to and witness the consequences of ones behavior, whether they be positive or negative.   But most of all we want this film to be one that will win souls to Christ!  In short we would love to have this film be one of those “must sees” for all people of all ages.

Ever thought “your” name could be one rolling across the big screen? Well it can! This is your opportunity! Each of you who faithfully maintains their membership each month, “your” name will be added to the credits of this film!  After all, your monthly membership helped make this film possible.

We respectfully ask:  when you do join our great project that you do not share the “chapters” that you receive each month with your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, your mailing list, etc.   Rather point them to and encourage them to also support this great endeavor.

We THANK YOU for trusting us and showing your support for this wonderful project.  We will not disappoint you!

Check It All Out And Then Come Back Over Here And Share Your Comments – Thoughts – Suggestions